Why is this game called Timefuser?


Why is this game called Timefuser?
What is the actual meaning of it, will the game have to do anything with time and fusion? or something like that?


Hey @karl-police, the basic premise is that two (or more) different time periods have spontaneously become fused together. At the moment these time periods are a mix between medieval fantasy and modern day Earth. A Timefuser is a powerful entity that can bend, manipulate and fuse time.

The game itself is ultimately a large multiplayer persistent survival PvP RPG that is mostly unforgiving without teaming up with others.


That sounds like an interesting concept. Is that going to be built into more of a story or is it just a rough idea to be expanded on by players as they wish?


Yeah it would be cool to have some sort of story-line in the background, like old-school runescape had with Zamorak and other figures in the game.


I’d like to keep the lore fairly ambiguous and unexplored, with fragments of lore able to be found passively through gameplay through books, structures, mobs, and “boss mobs”. This way the players can expand it through player-based content and actions, while still leaving vague undertones of a overarching story.


It’d be cool if there were rare yet extremely impactful events in the game where players can influence future events and canon.