What's the future?


I know it’s only an early alpha, but what is the actual future of this game? Has that been planned yet or not? I’d be interesting to see where it eventually leads seeing as how fast-paced the development is.


I’m glad you think the development is fast paced, I’ve become really passionate about this project quite quickly. At the moment there’s no solid GDD or TDD, I’m just planning to make a game that I want to play and then hope others like it too. I think it’ll develop into something really fun, so we’ll have to see where the future takes us. I absolutely appreciate input so I hope suggestions from players are frequent :slight_smile:


How will this affect the development of Clockwork? And what is the future for S&Box?


At this current time unfortunately I am not thinking too much about Clockwork since I have released the free developer key generator, most customers seem to be happy and I would like to see a more community driven development there. I want to work on what I am passionate about.

When S&box is released I still plan to do what I said I would do with it :slight_smile:


Hey @kurozael , is this game still in development? :sunglasses:


Hi @DunkGod yes the game is still being developed, don’t worry. Some fundamental design and mechanic changes are ahoy based on feedback from the initial round of testing. These alpha tests will come in short bursts far between initially until it’s at a point whereby the core mechanics are nailed down.


Alright sounds good man.