So you'd like to be an Alpha Tester?


I did beta testing for many games. including Albion Online, Survive the Nights, Pubg, and many more I have a good track record with reporting bugs and properly documenting them!


Hey @burningheretic! Thanks for your interest, I’ve PM’d you a key and set your permissions here. You’ll need to go ahead and join our Discord server though ASAP so I can give your perms there :slight_smile:


Ey, I’ve tested multiple smaller games made by my friends as well as larger games, like Dirty Bomb. I would be more than willing to give detailed feedback and have been searching for a game to get in on the ground floor of for awhile.

Discord: Keylas#9547


Hi @John thanks for your interest :slight_smile: I’ve sent you a Steam key to your forum inbox and applied your perms to your forum account, you’ll just need to join our Discord server which you can find by pressing the Discord Server button at the top of the page :slight_smile:


Hey, I’d love to be an alpha tester, I’ve participated in many alpha test and beta tests for AAA games before.


Cool @wowm0d, same as I said to the others :slight_smile:

There’s only around 10 more spaces for pre-alpha testers so if you have friends I’d let them know :wink:


Hi there.

I played a lot of Survival games: Rust, arkz hurtworld, escape from tarkov, 7days, the forest (and more).

I am currently on the alpha of sea of thieves and world’s adrift. I was also alpha tester for world of warplanes, cs go and many many others.

I would to try out your game!


Thanks @Guilhas21, I’ve PM’d you the key :slight_smile: if you can join our Discord server that’d be great.


Could I have an alpha key please, have tested numerous amounts of betas and alpha of all sorts of games.


Hey @DunkGod you’ve been PM’d the last available testing Steam key for the current testing phase.

There are now no more spots available for initial testers for v0.0.1 of Timefuser.

If you would like to be considered for testing a future alpha version, please continue to use the forums and be active and engaged in the conversation as the development continues.

Users that are more active and put suggestions forward will be more likely to be given a key when new testers are required.