So you'd like to be an Alpha Tester?


Welcome! If you’d like to be an Alpha Tester please post any previous testing experience here.


Can you give me my Alpha Tag, please?


Sure, all done :wink:


Can you give me a timefuser key?


All sorted :slight_smile:


My boy, hit me up with a key. I wanna check this out while I’m free for the weekend :blue_heart:


Hit me up with a key my dude, I’d love to try it out.



Hey, I’d like a key as well.

Not many people posted previous experiences it seems, I’ve just been playing games for 20+ years and tried pretty much every survival pvp games out there, so I guess I could have usefull feedback.

edit : oops deleted the first post I thought I replied to the wrong one


Hey @DamJNeT I will PM you a key later tonight when I get home from work, in the mean time I will set your alpha status here preemptively. If you could please join the Timefuser Discord and send a PM to me there (the username is the same as mine here) I can then give you the alpha privileges on the Discord too. Thanks for your interest in helping to shape the future of this game :+1:


You apparently can only receive friend’s PM on discord


I’ve given you access on Discord :smile:


Been gaming for over 20 years and beta tested quite a few. I’d love to help out.


I would like to help out the testing phase, did a lot of beta test before, world of warcraft back in the days (expensions) old mmo beta and recently plenty of early access game :slight_smile: (edited wrong smiley lol)



Hey @daydreaming and @Rayden you’ve both been accepted for alpha testers. At this stage you could call the game extremely early development, or, “birth stage” but you’ll have the opportunity to help me shape what it becomes over the next year. Thanks for joining in on the ride :slight_smile:

Oh and once you join our Discord, please PM me (find @kurozael in the members list) and I will grant you access there!


@kurozael I would be willing to help if you still need more testers


Hi @Apophus absolutely we’ve still got about 10 more keys we’re willing to hand out. I’ll PM one over to you now please as advised previously register over at Discord and PM me there :slight_smile:


Will do. Thanks!! Looking forward to it


Great! Just bare in mind that this is very early alpha and development only started this month so you’ll experience a lot of placeholders, bugs, and content that may change or be completely different from day to day builds.


hi i would love to help test your game!