Different types of terrain


I think that there should be a different terrain depending on where you are, optionally a season timer that gives you spring, summer, autumn and winter.


Meh. The map, from what I can see, is mainly static. Unless it’s planned for a terrain generation engine, that may be difficult to implement


Unity has added a cool way to make procedural terrain in their recent update so I wouldnt worry about that. Kuro was saying that he wont keep that map anyway, as it is now.


This is a great idea and something I do plan to implement, particularly seasonal changes. At the moment in this early stage the map is just a large hand made and very boring static terrain with only two villages as monuments.

In the future, the map will either consist of large detailed biomes, cities, towns, villages, ruins, etc or it will all be procedurally generated with either my own generator or a third party alternative.

@confuseth I didn’t know Unity’s new update includes procedural tech, I’ll certainly take a look so thanks for the heads up on that!

If I do go for the hand made approach I may be looking for talented world builders on a revenue sharing basis.


Oi my bad, the new update included a new rendering method,

this blog has it all https://blogs.unity3d.com/2018/01/18/2018-and-graphics/