29/01/2018 Build Notes

  • Fixed a bug that caused the kill message to appear multiple times
  • Merged the first pass of ore gathering and the pickaxe into the build (slightly buggy atm!)
  • Fixed a bug that causes binds from other players to run on everyone, meaning you could equip a weapon for someone else
  • Fixed a bug that allowed draggable items to get stuck on the screen forever
  • Added a new inverse kinematic system to make pointing weapons more accurate and better looking (still needs more work)
  • Added a “One Handed” animation so the pickaxe looks slightly better (still needs improvement)
  • Added a Network Bubble (Area of Interest) that despawns and respawns networked entities as you get near them
  • Weapons now have “kickback” a visual cue that the weapon has been fired
  • Improved melee hit handling by waiting for an animation event on both the player and NPCs
  • No need to send the player’s Target position to the server, it’s superfluous