28/01/2018 Dev Notes


Hi Timefusers!

This weekend has been a nice relaxing break for me (mostly, I mean I still have been working on stuff because I’m a workaholic) so there still is not a new build on Steam for you to play and test.

Here are this week’s targets, and some stuff I’ve been working on behind the scenes:

What has been worked on since the last build?

  • I am mostly trying to implement proper IK (inverse kinematics) for targeting so that the gun is more reactive to where it is exactly you are aiming. This means that you could then in theory aim anywhere within a 45 degree angle without actually having to rotate your whole body in that direction.
  • Improved the way ore gathering is handled and now the impact FX are a little better to.
  • Started work on the crafting UI and the foundations of how crafting is actually going to work. It’s not going to be super complicated, you will pick what you want to craft, it’ll tell you if you have the ingredients and then you can craft it and it will take X amount of time and be added to a queue.

What are this week’s targets?

  • This week I will be finishing off the initial version of crafting, mining and tree-cutting.
  • I am going to be conception the idea of basic soft-skills that you do not lose when your player character is killed. These will not give you any advantages in PvP, but they can help reduce the overal grind long-term. For example, the more tree-cutting you do, over time you will get better at it and the time it takes to chop a tree might reduce by 10% max or something. So very tiny, soft skills that don’t actually give you much of a competitive advantage.
  • I will building the first version of the modular base building system.
  • I will be going live on Twitch and streaming some development this week.