26/01/2018 Dev Notes

  • Revamped the weapon system to support Holdable and Melee weapon types
  • Added the Basic Pickaxe as the first melee weapon
  • Added a new Damage Type: Gather, this is used for weapons that can gather
  • Added StateGatherable and the BaseGatherable and OreGatherable types
  • Added the CommonOre and RareOre spawnpoint types
  • Added a bunch of default ore spawnpoints
  • Added the Stone Ore and Silver Ore entities
  • Added the Stone Ore item type
  • Added the Basic Pickaxe item
  • Using a pickaxe, you can now gather variable amounts of Stone Ore from a Stone Ore deposit

There is no build today, I’m hoping a build will come tomorrow once some additional gatherable types such as Wood and Silver are properly in.

This will pave the way for the first pass of the modular base building system.